Your partner in maximizing collections & reimbursements

Here at SAVI Group, we want to make it easier to grow your practice. Our team works hard to provide timely, accurate, and cost-effective medical billing and coding services so you can focus on improving patient care. As your partner, we work on boosting collections and maximizing reimbursements as effectively as possible.
SAVI Group works to create short revenue cycles that get our clients paid faster. Our highly trained medical billing and coding experts know which codes and techniques to use to improve processes, find profit drivers, and increase collections.
Contact us today to learn about our innovative, data-backed billing processes. Together, we can grow your practice efficiently while freeing up resources to improve patient care.

Why Hire Savi

Expert knowledge

World-Class Billing Experts
Partner with us to leverage the latest medical billing and coding trends. Our team uses the most effective revenue management techniques to give your practice a competitive edge.

Boost patient care

Focus on Your Patients
Our experts seamlessly manage medical billing and coding issues, freeing up your team to focus on providing quality patient care.

Increase collections

Streamline your revenue cycle
We know what it takes to resolve payment issues and build a smooth, efficient revenue cycle. Our data-based approach pinpoints problem areas and makes it easy to implement effective long-term solutions.

Lower overhead costs

Reduce Your Billing Expenses
Staying up to date with billing technology and software can get expensive. Reduce staffing and eliminate your need for purchasing and renewing billing resources by partnering with SAVI Group and our cutting edge tools.

Meet our Diverse and Talented Team

Our team has over 100 years of experience in the healthcare industry

Veena Mahendru

Founder & President

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Sumit Mahendru

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Abhishek Kumar

Manager IT & CISO

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Santosh Singh

Vice President

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