Maximize Collections & Reimbursements. Make Decisions Based on Data.
Here at SAVI Group, we take pride in helping medical practices maximize reimbursements. Our world-class billing & coding team creates data-backed revenue management strategies for each of our client’s unique needs. Together, we work hard to boost collections, improve billing accuracy, and find profit drivers that simplify the growth process. We function as an extension of your office – handling revenue cycle management and freeing up valuable resources so you can focus on what really matters, your patients.

Our Services

Revenue Cycle
It’s the Lifeblood of Your Practice.
To remain viable, you need effective patient registration, insurance and benefits verification, charge capture, correct ICD codes and claims processing. We include patient RCM and create partnerships with technologies such as Papaya. Not all RCM includes patient RCM.
SAVI Sense
New Business Intelligence Data Platform
With SAVI Sense you can easily identify which patients and employees are driving your highest profits and which operations are causing losses. You can take the mystery out of your day-to-day practice operations and use data to your advantage. You can build a more successful practice on a solid financial foundation instead of guesswork.
Partnering for the Best Patient & Business Outcomes.
Consulting is at the heart of our services. We partner with you to create the best patient and business outcomes. We can help you with everything from business plans to patient outreach. We work together with you and your team to grow and achieve the practice business success you desire.
AAPC-Certified Coders Ensure Payer Compliance.
We have AAPC-Certified Coders to review and audit medical records to ensure payer compliance and that your providers are making the most of patient office visits. This in turn helps you gain the correct revenue per patient while also learning how to improve records management and coding initiatives for the future.

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Vista Del Mar- Koosha Mortazavi (M.D.)

We outsource our billing after many years, so far, we are very happy with our decision. SAVI team has been very responsible. They listen, understand our needs, and adjust accordingly. Our team leader Jessica always does her due diligence and if she does not have the answer right away, she will find it soon.

  • Koosha Mortazavi
  • (M.D.), Vista Del Mar

Vista Del Mar- Frances M. Carrillo (Bookkeeper)

I have worked with SAVI Group since March 2018. Jessica Trevino and Pawan Kumar are always so helpful and polite and we all work very well together even though we are not in the same office.
When I heard we were going to have an outside billing company, I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle the change but after finding out Chylene May was going to stay and work for the company here in our office I said that’s great we have someone in house we can work with who knows us all and we can go to with all our questions.

  • Frances M. Carrillo
  • Bookkeeper, Vista Del Mar

DS/DLL- Kim Deering (Assistant Director of Operations)

We continue to work exceptionally well with the medical billing specialists at SAVI Group who have billing expertise in our field of service delivery. The customized customer service we receive is outstanding and has been from the very beginning of our working relationship two years ago. Our reimbursements are timely, and we receive routine revenue cycle billing production and collection reports as well as correspond with our account manager regularly. It is reassuring to have the privilege to work with such knowledgeable professionals. The seamless teamwork is of the highest standards and I would strongly recommend their services as an effective solution for medical billing revenue cycle management.

  • Kim Deering
  • Assistant Director of Operations, DS/DLS

Global Research Institute- Robert Cathey (President)

SAVI has been the most responsible and reliable billing services I have utilized in my 25 years in healthcare management. From an operational standpoint, SAVI has enabled my organization to make concise and immediate decision enabling us to function at a high level of efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Robert Cathey
  • President, Global Research Institute

Global Discovery Biosciences- Cynthia Ventresca (Quality Assurance Operations)

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation regarding Billing SAVI. This is a proactive company, frequently notifying us of medicare rule changes, providing us with billing updates and informational emails to improve our revenues and customer service. Billing SAVI staff are articulate, courteous and resourceful. I am pleased to recommend Billing SAVI to you highly and without reservation.

  • Cynthia Ventresca
  • Quality Assurance Operations, Global Discovery Biosciences

Global Discovery Biosciences- Rod Van Wagoner (Executive Vice President)

We have had an excellent experience with SAVI and would highly recommend them. They have embraced our desire to forge a true partnership to identify and solve issues that have a positive impact on both companies.

  • Rod Van Wagoner
  • Executive Vice President, Global Discovery Biosciences

Global Discovery Biosciences-Estrella Harrington (Chief Operating Officer)

SAVI Biling provides great service for our company. They are responsive, reliable, and strive to be a business partner to us: consistently going above and beyond in helping our strategic growth. The staff is courteous and responsive to our needs and the needs of our patients. They are very conscientious and thorough about what they are doing. Their expertise in billing and dealing with health insurance companies has allowed us to focus more on other areas in our business. Highly recommend SAVI Billing.

  • Estrella Harrington
  • CTO, Global Discovery Biosciences