Taking Steps to Satisfy Patients and Grow Your Practice

Taking Steps to Satisfy Patients and Grow Your Practice

There are many aspects of running a medical practice and at the core of everything are the patients. To grow your practice successfully, it is important to keep patient satisfaction in mind when building out your operations plan.

Take some time to consider how your systems and processes will affect your patient population, and whether or not they will help create higher satisfaction levels. For example, outsourcing your medical billing operations to professionals like Billing Savi can leave much more time for your staff to focus on taking care of patients and improving quality of service.

With that in mind, here are some ways in which your practice can improve patient satisfaction levels and lay a solid foundation of growth for the future:

Patient-Focused Service

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A great way to boost patient satisfaction is to discuss the importance of good service with your staff. Emphasize to them how critical it is that they approach each patient with kindness, respect, professionalism, and effective work. Encourage them to focus on quality responses, check for errors and go the extra mile to help patients whenever possible.

When hiring staff, look for people that exhibit natural positive energy. Do they smile often and seem happy? Having positive staff members is crucial when things get difficult and problems need to be ironed out with patients. To keep your staff happy and engaged, offer them training opportunities and ways to improve as time goes on.

As their leader, it is always a great idea to lead by example and show how focusing on patients can make a big impact on lives and the future of the practice. Medical scribes can help by allowing you to focus on more on engaging with patients and less on taking notes and transcribing the conversation in real-time.

Practical Performance & Communication

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We all know how frustrating it can be to arrive for a medical appointment on-time only to wait an incredibly long time to be seen by the doctor. As a medical practitioner, this is a great area to focus on when trying to boost patient satisfaction levels.

Start by setting a goal for how long patients should wait for different services and communications. If certain services take a long time, try to find alternate ways to get similar results in a shorter time. For example, patients requiring sudden care could be offered phone or virtual visits in place of in-person appointments, to help speed things up.

Be honest with your patients about how long they may wait for different things. Setting expectations on when they can hear back from you or get results can really help ease patient anxiety and concerns while boosting satisfaction levels dramatically. Make sure your patients know exactly how they can get in touch with your practice to make various requests, such as setting new appointments, ordering prescriptions, or being able to connect in case of emergencies.

Customizing Care to Your Patient Population

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The truth is, medical practices across the country have diverse patient populations with varied preferences for care. For this reason, it is crucial to spend some time getting to know your practice’s patient base and understanding their wants and needs on a deeper level. A great way to do this is by periodically sending out patient satisfaction surveys. Ask them how they feel about current processes within your practice while getting a feel for alternative approaches you may want to implement in the future.

In today’s increasingly connected world, patient satisfaction will continue to grow in importance to the long-term success of any medical practice. Taking some time to learn about your patient base and customize your services to boost your quality of service can be a great investment for the long-run.

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