Medical Providers are Creating Their Own Telehealth Platforms with Telecheckup

Medical Providers are Creating Their Own Telehealth Platforms with Telecheckup

Visiting your doctor has become easier than ever thanks to the growing use of telehealth. This virtual care option has made it possible for patients to receive medical care without ever leaving their homes by utilizing video and audio technologies.  

With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to spread, it has never been more important to be able to see your doctor without having to leave home. Telehealth has been essential during this time as it has allowed patients and providers to discuss treatments, diagnosis, and general care issues in a remote environment. 

Even when the pandemic subsides, patients are likely to continue demanding the convenience and accessibility that virtual care visits provide. Medical practices around the country are adjusting to this new care model and restructuring their operations to include more telehealth options for their patient population.

Custom Branded Virtual Care Clinics

Traditionally, healthcare providers have turned to external telehealth platforms to provide virtual care visits to patients. However, that may be a thing of the past as we’re now seeing providers looking to take more ownership over their virtual care models. 

One company is allowing providers to do exactly that. An innovative company named Telecheckup is making it possible for healthcare providers to have their very own custom-made telehealth platforms. Providers pay a one time set up fee and are then able to provide virtual consultations to their patients using either video calls, audio, or both. 

These customized platforms allow providers to create a virtual “branch” of their brick and mortar operations and offer patients appointments through video and audio technology. 

Providers can white label their platforms with their own branding elements so it appears as a natural extension of their organization. This is a big plus for providers as they no longer have to use a third-party platform to provide virtual care to their patients. 

Through Telecheckup, providers can centralize the management of their virtual care visits and have greater control over the administrative aspect of their telehealth services. 

Telecheckup Platform Benefits for Providers & Patients

These custom platforms have the ability to schedule telehealth appointments and function very similarly to in-person appointments. Patients check-in virtually and see when their doctor is available. If the doctor is with another patient, there is even a virtual patient waiting room. 

All appointments are delivered in high definition video and audio and are mobile-friendly for people on the move. Providers are able to record these virtual care sessions, enabling them to review these visits later if desired. 

By giving healthcare providers their own virtual care clinics, Telecheckup delivers a host of benefits. Clinics and medical practices are able to reach a wider patient base and provide care to those unable or unwilling to make in-person appointments. 

This results in a higher number of consultations and more revenue for their organizations, while also increasing the quality of care. Patients receive higher quality one on one interactions with their doctors which builds trust between the two parties. 

There are many benefits for patients as well, including the ability to access quality health advice from anywhere. Visiting a doctor can become more frequent for patients, as they are more willing to book convenient and less time-consuming visits. Additionally, patients don’t have to worry about getting sick or catching a virus just because they need some medical advice. 

Here at Billing Savi, we’re excited to see innovative companies like Telecheckup push virtual care forward. Remote healthcare interventions can significantly improve medical outcomes and reduce costs by lowering hospital admissions and inpatient care costs. 

In fact, patients are less likely to face hospital re-admissions and more likely to spend fewer days in the hospital thanks to virtual care options. 


These days, technology is evolving rapidly across numerous fields and industries. 

The healthcare industry is poised to benefit greatly from innovative platforms like Telecheckup that are making it possible for more people to get access to quality care, while reducing the amount of resources required to do so. 

As we move forward into the future, we expect to see more demand for telehealth services and a greater commitment by providers to offer virtual care options. 

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