Make Your EHR Adoption Successful with these Tips

Small medical practices face barriers to EMR/EHR adoption which larger practices do not. For example, many vendors push products on small practices which don’t take into account office workflow patterns. Practices which do not anticipate the change that implementing an EMR/EHR system experience more challenges as they adjust to the system, not to mention lost revenue from time waste, time spent on resolving issues and more.

Successful adoption, on the other hand, is not out of reach. This report from the US National Library Medicine outlines ways for practices to achieve this goal. We share two important tips from the report for you as a practice aiming for successful adoption.

  • Successful adoption requires close attention to office workflow. Many practices are unaware that EHR software can be configured, tailored and expanded to match the specific exam types and workflow needs required by your practice. This is especially important for specialty practices, which require this kind of customization to optimize workflow.
  • Successful adoption requires close attention to the way tasks are organized. When an EMR/EHR system is adopted, one of the very first things that must be assessed is how the front desk works, specifically the tasks that must be managed an organized. These include scheduling, registering new and repeat patients, verifying insurance, dealing with referrals, organizing and collecting reports and information, performing prescription-related activities, organizing the charts, mailing letters, copying, faxing, attending to telephone calls, and issuing certificates. That’s not all. Nurses also are required to perform specific tasks, as do physicians—and while many small practices still use paper to document, moving to digitized records and an EMR/EHR system offers tremendous savings, chief among them time savings.

Learn more about just how interconnected workflow and EMR/EHR implementation are with each other and how moving toward adoption can be a streamlined process, one that will help you maximize revenue and even develop new revenue streams.

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