How to Find an Exceptional Medical Billing Provider

How to Find an Exceptional Medical Billing Provider

Navigating the world of medical billing can be overwhelming for medical practitioners looking to boost their bottom line. 

Keeping up with billing and coding requires a significant time commitment and many healthcare teams prefer to outsource this work to experts like Billing Savi. Doing so frees up valuable internal resources and enables staff to provide a higher quality of care to their patient population. 

However, what makes a medical billing & coding provider stand apart from the rest? It’s important to know what to look for when outsourcing this important work to another organization. 

We wanted to highlight some important things to look for when selecting a partner to help manage your revenue cycle.

Keep reading to learn more about this important topic. 

Adapts to Your Needs

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One of the most important things to look for in a medical billing provider is their ability to adapt with ease. The world is changing faster than ever these days, making it more important than ever to have a nimble and agile billing partner. 

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic quickly began to impact the revenues of medical practices we work with. Here at Billing Savi, we knew we had to be extremely flexible and accessible to help our clients adapt to the situation as well as possible. 

We’re proud to say that we were one of the first to share vital billing information with our clients as the pandemic changed traditional ways of operating.

Our team shifted focus to strictly doing research, which helped our clients get valuable financial assistance and information as soon as possible. 

We also worked hard to make sure our clients could keep their organization’s open during the crisis.

For example, we worked hard to help clients such as Access Healthcare Associates transition to telemedicine and make sure they were getting paid for any telehealth work that was done. 

A great medical billing partner should be easily accessible and quick to respond to any problems that arise. Providing a high level of customer service is essential to boosting revenues and creating operational efficiencies.

As coding rules change, it’s also very important for providers to help clients understand billing procedures for their specific situations. 

Resourceful and Thorough

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It’s easy for billing providers to hire many people and look impressive in terms of size. However, the size of a company doesn’t indicate how well they use the resources they have on hand. 

The Billing Savi team is comprised of medical billing & coding experts who are laser-focused on integrating the best possible tactics for each client. Team members are constantly researching important billing and coding changes that could be applied to improve our client’s revenue operations. 

Achieving this depth of knowledge is difficult for internal medical practice staff to accomplish. These employees simply don’t have the time needed to dive deep and find the best possible solution for their organization’s specific needs. 

Finding a resourceful medical billing provider is essential when looking to improve revenue management operations. 

Data Forward

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Your medical billing and coding provider should help you make data-backed decisions that improve upon your current revenue operations. 

By integrating healthcare data into medical practice, we have the potential to dramatically improve patient care and change lives. Data doesn’t lie and it is an excellent way to cut through other factors that you may inaccurately consider important. 

Here at Billing Savi, we take our clients through their data and help them identify exactly what is driving their profits up or down. This knowledge is essential to growing a successful medical practice and making decisions to expand in the best way possible. 

For this reason, we created our intelligent data platform, Savi Sense. This great tool connects our different billing system software and automatically refreshes important data. Savi Sense makes it possible to create a data dashboard for each of our client’s unique needs. 

Our clients have access to Savi Sense and data like never before. We work hard to team them how to look at insightful graphs to identify areas of opportunity and concern in their operations. In fact, there are so many ways they can drill into the data to examine different areas and profit drivers. 


In conclusion, a great medical billing and coding provider should always have your best interests in mind. Make sure to find a partner that supports your organization’s unique needs and takes a data-based approach to improve your operations.

By focusing on the tips above, your practice will definitely find a partner that knows how to boost your practice’s revenues and improve billing operations for years to come.

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