How Technology is Revolutionizing the Patient Care Model

The Evolution of Patient Care

Over the next few decades, the patient care model will change in astonishing ways.

Every aspect of this space is changing at historic speeds and forcing health professionals to adapt to a myriad of innovations.

Every day, more and more healthcare professionals are realizing the benefits of looking past the traditional care model to new options. These patient care innovations continue to grow and push the industry to become more integrated, interprofessional and patient-centric.

In this blog post, we will examine ways in which the care model is changing, and the dynamic role technology is playing to move the needle forward in healthcare innovation.

Changes in Patient Care

The patient care model is changing for the better. As healthcare providers embrace collaboration and new ways of operating, the quality of care patients receive will continue to rise higher and higher.

In our opinion, it is especially vital to improve the status quo of care coordination. Patients feel defenseless and weak when dealing with an illness, and proper coordination can help ease these feelings.

Innovations in Cardiology

Thankfully, healthcare providers are understanding the benefits of outsourcing specialized services as part of their systematic operations.

For example, in the last decade there has been a clear transition in the care pathway of patients with implantable cardiac devices.

Companies like Geneva Healthcare are partnering with cardiology clinics across the country to revolutionize the process of monitoring implanted cardiac devices such as pacemakers, defibrillators, loop records.

Traditionally, patients had to come into the office for in-person care and checkups of their devices.

Thanks to Geneva Healthcare’s innovative remote monitoring technology, patients can now send cardiac device updates directly from their home.

The remote monitoring care strategy has quickly become the standard of care for all implantable devices in the Heart Rhythm Society (HRS), and was even designated as Class I recommendation, with Evidence Level A.

The published benefits of this care strategy include:

  • Early detection of device issues and arrhythmias
  • Reduction in hospitalization and readmissions
  • Reduction in mortality
  • Overall reduction in the cost of patient care

Thanks to innovative organizations like Geneva Healthcare, cardiology providers can utilize remote monitoring through a combination of technology, services and consulting.

Geneva Healthcare aims to assist these providers through this important transition, with the goal of improving the quality of care for patients with implantable devices.

Turn Key Billing Solutions

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, we are seeing more and more organizations create symbiotic relationships that lead to improved patient care.

Savi Group for example has partnered with Geneva Healthcare to make their services even more valuable to cardiology providers. Partnering up enables Geneva to extend their platform and include a turn key medical billing solution.

Doing so streamlines so many essential services for these providers and enables them to be reimbursed fully and completely for services rendered to their patients.

By partnering with Savi, cardiology clinics across the country can capture and bill the remote monitoring billable events both professional and technical.

Savi Group also provides the additional benefit of cash forecasting and provides follow up on all unpaid claims until they are paid completely. Furthermore, clinics receive full transparency and visibility to each of their clients regarding data about their practice.

They also obtain an overview of all technical monitoring events billed and collected by Geneva should they require it.

In conclusion, there are many ways the modern patient care model is evolving. As technology continues to bring about innovations, the quality of care will rise and patients will benefit.

Partnerships such as the one between Geneva Healthcare and Savi Group are setting the standard for innovative implementations that are moving the needle within the patient care model.

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