Five Questions to Ask Before Digitizing Patient Records

A good number of small and medium-sized practices have not attested to Meaningful Use yet, mostly because of the cost barrier of implementing an EMR/EHR system. That being said, the penalties have jumped from 1 to 2% and will continue to rise year after year.

If your practice is ready to digitize patient records, you are making the right decision. However, before you press go, consider the following five questions outlined by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

  • Which types of information need to be converted?
  • How far back in a patient’s history does the electronic version need to go?
  • If not all information in the paper record is to be digitized, will the practice need to store the original records?
  • Will the files be scanned into portable document format (PDF) documents, which may be faster, or will data be entered into the EMR itself, which will allow it to be searchable and potentially improve continuity of care?
  • How long will the conversion process take?

Small and medium-sized practices have to get costs right at the planning stage. This means knowing what exactly needs to be converted, how much of it and the timeline for conversion. It also means getting a good estimate of cost into your project budget.

Not only will getting an accurate picture of your costs upfront prevent unnecessary delays during the conversion process, but it can also help you mitigate running over costs down the road.

Your Vendor Can Digitize Records for You

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