Understanding Your Key Practice Metrics Is Critical.

When you run a small business like a medical practice, there’s no room for guesswork. You need solid analytics to help you understand what’s driving your numbers. You also need complete transparency, full access to practice management software, regular reporting and integration with your EMR system.

  • Analytics (RCM & business analytics)
    Revenue cycle management is a separate function that we can accommodate similar to analytics using our business intelligence systems to help business owners and providers gain valuable insights into their day-to-day practices. Are you making the best revenue per patient while striving to achieve your excellent standards of patient care?
  • Foresight forecasting
    We employ Foresight payment forecasting to help our clients better analyze and predict future payments, collections and revenues. Using proprietary algorithms, SAVI can forecast your future collections based on trends and current/new claims information. SAVI clients who are currently on Foresight benefit from forecasting accuracy between 99% and 100%.

Count on SAVI for all the revenue cycle management, metrics and business analytics your practice needs to function at your best.

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